Announcing Peter J Foote, Amanda Labonté, and Brad Dunne in SEA STORIES FROM THE ROCK.

Engen Books is proud to reveal the first three authors to-be-featured in SEA STORIES FROM THE ROCK, the newest collection in the bestselling From the Rock series of anthologies.

From The Rock series editors of Erin Vance and Ellen Curtis returned to helm the project.

Peter J. Foote is a bestselling speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. He runs the FictionFirst Used Books, specializing in fantasy and sci-fi titles. He also cosplays with his wife, and alternates between red wine and coffee as the mood demands. Many of Peter’s stories are a reflection of his personal life, as he is a firm believer in the adage that a writer should write what they know. Peter’s work has twice been awarded the Kit Sora Flash Fiction Prize: once in March 2018 and again in September 2018. Peter holds the distinction of being one of only a handful of authors to be featured in all the modern From the Rock collections to date.

In total, Peter has been featured in over two dozen publications, with interest in his short fiction worldwide. As the founder of the group “Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada,” Peter believes that the writing community is stronger when it works together. In 2021, he released his first novella Boulders Over the Bermuda Triangle through Engen Books.

Secondly, Engen is proud to announce Amanda Labonté will join the collection. Amanda lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she gets much of the inspiration for the characters and places about which she writes. Though she knew she wanted to be a writer since the eighth grade, it was many years before she finally walked into a creative writing class and found a new home. Her first novel, Call of the Sea, won critical acclaim in her home province of Newfoundland. The first book in her Supernatural Causes series gained Bestseller status on Amazon in September 2017. As the co-owner of an educational business and mother of two, she spends much of her day with kids of all ages. They give her some of the best reading recommendations.

Thirdly we have included Brad Dunne. Dunne is a freelance writer and editor from St. John’s, Newfoundland. He began his writing career as an intern at The Walrus magazine and has published journalism and essays in publications such as Maisonneuve, The Canadian Encyclopedia, and Herizons. His short fiction has been featured in In/Words, Acta Victoriana, The From the Rock Series, Terror Nova, and, The Cuffer Anthology. In October 2018, he released his first novel, After Dark Vapours. It was followed in September 2020 by The Gut. The Merchant’s Mansion is his third novel.

Preorders will open soon, and the collection is expected in the Summer of 2022.

Sea Stories from the Rock will feature fifteen stories from fourteen amazing authors. Stay tuned to Engen Books for more author announcements and reveals.

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