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Engen Books releases entire Slipstreamers roster!

Slipstreamers, the revolutionary new series from Engen Books, has been making waves in the industry with its adaptive structure on serialized fiction, allowing multiple authors to write the same series while maintaining a solid, entertaining tone. The series takes on the structure of a television series, with individual episodes each co-written by head writer JD Ryot and a guest author, each taking main character Cassidy Cane to a new world and leading up to an explosive season finale! Episodes release three weeks apart, so there's always something new to discover!

Season One is already well underway, with five titles rocketing up the sales charts, including:

New Worlds, New Adventure with JD Ryot & Matthew LeDrew The Island Artifact with JD Ryot & Ali House Boulders over the Bermuda Triangle with JD Ryot & Peter J Foote The Lotus Fountain with JD Ryot & Nicole Little Plague of the Dreamless with JD Ryot & Jennifer Shelby

We're pleased to announce the all-star lineup to the rest of the series, leading into 2021!

Cassidy Cane and the Quest for the Digital Heart with JD Ryot & bestseller Jon Dobbin Navigating Stories with JD Ryot & Lisa M Daly

Flowers for Albatross with JD Ryot & Matthew Daniels The Secret of the Ohks with JD Ryot & AJ Ryan The Snows of Aetalus with JD Ryot & Shannon K Green

The Key of Impasto with JD Ryot & bestselling author Carolyn R Parsons The Franklin Expedition with JD Ryot & bestselling author Paul Carberry SECRET BOOK 13 SECRET BOOK 14


Lots to look forward to as more and more titles come out! Engen Books would like to thank the entire cast of authors who've made Slipstreamers Season One special, and are looking forward to a bright future with Cassidy Cane!

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