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STORYTIME!! This particular shoot I actually managed to plan this one in advance!

We were inside of Montana's having a lovely feed with our darling Louisa, watching the daylight fade away. The plan was to wait until the sun was close to setting, but food was too good to pass up! We all rushed home with out bellies full, and dove into photo mode!

This shot was actually taken in our tiny downtown back yard, in front of our 3+ story high tree! I'm sat on an old pair of pants because night ground can be scary, and holding a heart covered in flowers, attached to a green vine which was super glued to a scar that was spirit gummed to by chest, the process began.

Drew coated be in fake blood, which I -know- I chose, and needed for the photo... but that doesn't mean it doesn't gross me out 110%!! It is cold, and THICK, and runny, and really looks legit when it's dripping from your body! Needless to say, many a face was made throughout the making of this shot!

Louisa was my lovely light holder, standing in the middle of my yard wielding my softbox to bounce for the perfect amount of light, and Drew was my magical shooter (as I would have -totaled- my remote, and it was cold and scary)!

Also! Our fence is directly on a little alleyway behind the house, which is quite cute in the daytime with vines and little trees!.. But a little less so in the evening. At one point I heard footsteps going down the alleyway, and then they just stopped as they reached our fence.. so I'm 99.9% sure there was someone watching me terrifyingly hold a bloody heart by a tree through the fence! ALWAYS AN ADVENTURE!!

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