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The Love of Summer author Sarah Thompson sat down this week to give her thoughts, reviews, and recommendations on some fellow indie and small press titles.

Black Womb Dark and tormented with a number of twists and turns to pull the reader in and set up a story that could go on for a lifetime. Xander’s torment reflects the teen angst felt by so many, but with a sci-fi reasoning. A must read for any horror lover.

Transformations in Pain A fun follow-up for fans of horror with a darker, heavier theme than the first that shows the growth of the author from the writing of the original story. The story draws some great parallels to the world of Marvel’s Venom but in a much more haunted and horrific story.

Smoke and Mirrors The return of the villain from the first novel brings readers full circle in a story they began in book one. All loose ends are tied up and it feels as though a chapter has finally ended in the lives of Mike, Cathy and Xander to complete a trilogy of horror like no other.

Roulette A brand new twist on the story of Xander Drew and friends as we move away from some of the science fiction elements in the original stories and into an adventure that becomes more than the group bargained for. Some new twists keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you longing for more.

Ghosts of the Past Trigger alert. If you have been impacted by sexual assault or abuse in any manner, this book may not be for you. Going to a darker and deeper place than any other book thus far in the series, it touches on themes that may be difficult for many, but it is handled in a true to life way. Because of their experiences, the characters grow and become different people by the end of the story and you know they have more adventures ahead of them.

Small Town Queer Small Town Queer is an impassioned telling of the true stories of people in the LGBTQ community who survived growing up in small town Newfoundland. It tells tales of first love, coming out, how their lives were changed by moving to larger cities and even the feeling of returning home later in life. There are moments that will pull at your heartstrings, whether or not you are a member of the community. It will touch you if you are a parent with young children, a parent of children in the community, or if you have anyone in your life that identifies as queer. These true stories can teach that love is love, is love, no matter what form it takes and that as much as the queer community can feel excluded, there are also stigmas and exclusions that exist within the LGBTQ. Grab your tissues, put on some soft music and take an hour to read through the beauty of the stories that may change everything about how you think about queer people.

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