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Heed the Call

Mermaids and Mystery beneath the ocean’s depths!

After a heated fight at sea between twins Ben and Alex, Ben vanishes from their boat without a sound or even a ripple in the water. Unwavering in his dedication to find his brother, Alex begins the adventure of a lifetime armed only with the help of a local girl named Meg and his own mysterious musical abilities... the key to which, and to the mysteries that surround him, may be tied to the alluring song of the dangerous girl he finds among the ocean’s frothing waves.

Can Alex unravel the mystery of her haunting song in time to save his brother?

Call of the Sea

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  • “As a fellow Newfoundlander, this was the YA Fantasy I didn’t know I was waiting for. I can’t wait to share this series with my children!”
    — JRH Lawless, author of Always Greener.

    “Call of the Sea seamlessly weaves together the hardships and humour of rural Newfoundland life with a fantastical storyline that will leave you wanting more. This book will not disappoint.”
    — Lauralana Dunne, author of Ashes.

    “You’re drawn into this book and taken on a wave of a journey. Its very believable and it captures not only your mind but your sight smell and feel you can feel it all. Its very well written and I am left wanting more more more. Cant wait for all of these books!”
    — Amazon Customer, June 20 2019

    “A mysterious figure in the ocean, a suspicious loss in the waves, a riveting treasure hunt, and surprise after surprise, how could anyone not want to read this novel?”
    ~Alice Kuipers, author of 40 Things I Want to Tell You and Life on the Refrigerator Door.

    “Call of the Sea is a vividly imagined novel of folk lore and legends smoothly mixed with realistic, colourful characters of an East Coast village. Amanda Labonte’s paranormal coming of age story effortlessly lifts you along with Alex’s journey to the brink of suspended disbelief…”
    ~BR Myers, author of Asp of Ascension and Girl on the Run.

    “Loved this book and can’t wait for the next one.”
    ~Helen Escott, author of I Am Funny Like That

    “It’s been a while since I’ve read an entire book in one day, but Amanda Labonte’s Call of the Sea had a hold on me that I couldn’t shake. Whenever I tried to put it down, it would call out to me, luring me back like a siren’s song.– An intriguing story about family, secrets, and doing what needs to be done. I was drawn in by the familiar small-town setting and likeable characters, and held fast by the underlying mythology.”
    — Ali House, author of The Six Elemental

    “Set in a seaside Newfoundland village, this book captures the rhythms of daily life in this small town and the role of family and community… Readers who succumb to the lure of mermaid lore will be drawn to this tale.”
    — Lisa Doucet, Atlantic Books Today, Issue 80 (Winter 2015)

    “When I first read Amanda’s fiction, I was struck by how well she had interwoven timeless-seeming folklore and legend into thoroughly modern settings. Her protagonist is Alex who comes under suspicion when his twin brother disappears over the side of their fishing boat. His search for his brother, combined with his need to clear his name, sees him plunge into a world of magic and mermen lore.”
    — Paul Butler, critically acclaimed author of 1892 and The Widow’s Fire

  • Amanda Labonté lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she gets much of the inspiration for the characters and places about which she writes. Though she knew she wanted to be a writer since the eighth grade, it was many years before she finally walked into a creative writing class and found a new home.

    Her first novel, Call of the Sea, won critical acclaim in her home province of Newfoundland. The first book in her Supernatural Causes series gained Bestseller status on Amazon in September 2017.

    As the co-owner of an educational business and mother of two she spends much of her day with kids of all ages. They give her some of the best reading recommendations.