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It is a chilling future, in which Zombies have taken over... only a small island remains relatively safe. When a supply run goes outside the safe zone, who will survive?

Read Bestselling author Paul Carberry's incredible short story in the Zombies on the Rock Universe!

Island of the Damned

SKU: PC001
  • Paul Carberry is a huge proponent of the horror genre and its place in literature. He has two children, daughter Dana and son Rick, with his wife Leah.

    Paul has published three novels with Engen Books: Zombies on the Rock: OutbreakZombies on the Rock: The Viking Trail, and Zombies on the Rock: The Republic of Newfoundland. He has also had numerous short stories featured in publication, including The Light of Cabot Tower, Into the Forest, and Halloween Mummers.

    His fourth novel, focusing on shark attacks, will be released in 2020.

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