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Non-Fiction submissions for Engen Books are currently closed. The open period will be February 28 - April 30 2025.

When submitting a non-fiction work for consideration, it is not essential that the work be completed. Instead, we will consider a non-fiction work based on a book proposal. 


The book proposal should consist of the following:


  • 1-page query letter introducing the author and the project. Please include the following publishing details: the proposed word count, special considerations (i.e photos or illustrations), and length of time estimated to complete. 


  • 1-2 page synopsis and a 1-page rationale outlining why you feel this book is essential. A 1-2 page chapter-by-chapter OR working outline may also be included but is optional.


  • 1-2 page author CV including your writing credentials, background experience or field of study (or some combination therein), including any reasons you are particularly qualified to tell this story.


  • A sample chapter. This can be any chapter in the book aside from the introduction. It's purpose is to give a feel for writing style as well as overall tone of the book.


As part of its mandate, Engen Non-fiction is committed to sharing diverse narratives as well as shining a light on unique and unexplored stories from the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Submissions may be presented to

Submissions sent to employee e-mail addresses are automatically discarded, and will not be considered for publication.

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