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Engen Books is proud to announce the addition of "A Decade" by Samm Joyy to its April 2024 publication calendar.


Taking from deep experiences from 2012 to 2022, "A Decade" focuses on how one comes to grip with the darker aspects of one's own personality, grows to accept them, and eventually grows to feel comfortable showing them to the world. It is a brutally honest work that examines not only the poet but Newfoundland culture, touching on alcoholism, the arts, and downtown life.


Samm Joyy has been active in the Newfoundland poetry scene for years, and helped run Spoken Word St. John's (SWSJ) from 2014-2022. She was the editor on 2022's chapbook "The Birds Come Back in the Spring" by Hannah Jenkins.


The book will be edited by Hannah Jenkins, the poet behind 'The Birds Come Back in the Spring.' "It's a very special honour to get to work with a writer on their debut book," says Jenkins. "Samm's poetry is intriguing and I'm excited to get into the meat of this collection."


"Joyy's poetry is astonishing," says Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. "It's rare that a poet can articulate unique, personal experience in a way that makes you feel them. That makes you feel like you've had that shared experience as well. It's the height of what artists hope to achieve."


"A Decade" will launch April 14, 2024. Stay tuned to Engen Books for more updates.

A Decade

SKU: SJ001
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