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Preorder for a Fall 2022 release, the first novel from award-winning author David James Lynch!


All things broken may be made whole again…


Sivino Spallic has always believed this to be so, but when his once idyllic world is suddenly torn apart, he will question everything he once thought to be true.

The breaking begins with the arrival of the Nylacci - foul creatures of myth that descend on the villages of the Three Realms, razing and ravaging all they encounter. Their arrival is the doing of Cehron Cen Kohr, a renegade faerae of great power and increasing madness, who, with the enigmatic Shepherd, has herded the creatures to this land for unthinkable purposes.


Separated from family and friends, Sivino and his companions find themselves on a perilous path that leads them ever further from those they love. With the assistance of Lomin, the mysterious village recluse, and Niamh, a faerae whose history is inextricable intertwined with the Realms and its inhabitants, they will deal with conflicts for which they are unprepared, in a land both unfamiliar and treacherous.


The hardest part of piecing together that which is broken, Sivino will realize, is that he’ll have to start with himself.

All Things Broken

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