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Cassidy Cane goes by many titles -- archeologist, anthropologist, adventurer -- but none more fitting than that given to her on some strange worlds: Slipstreamer.

Cassidy slips between worlds, traveling to bizarre planets and alternate Earths to find extraordinary new technologies and artifacts that might better humanity!

When Cassidy enters a portal hovering over the fabled Bermuda Triangle, she finds herself on the strange alien world of Xik'en, located in the hub of an asteroid mine and where lizard-people reign supreme! Cassidy must team up with a spirited young Xik'en to save herself and recover the ARC crystals she needs... but can she escape? And what lies hidden below the station, in the Xik'en prison?

Written with bestselling author Peter J Foote in his premiere novella! Start the adventure now!

Boulders Over the Bermuda Triangle

SKU: SS003
  • "The third entry into the Slipstreamers series was a fun adventure. The story telling transitions between action and heartwarming scenes smoothly. This episode gave us a new perspective on Cassidy, and it really helped her character grow." -- International Bestseller Paul Carberry.

  • Peter J. Foote is a bestselling speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. He runs the FictionFirst Used Books, specializing in fantasy & sci-fi titles. Peter’s stories are a reflection of his personal life, as he is a firm believer in the adage that a writer should write what they know.

    Peter’s work has twice been awarded the Kit Sora Flash Fiction Prize and holds the distinction of being one the only authors to be featured in all the From the Rock collections. In total, Peter has been featured in over two dozen publications, with interest in his short fiction worldwide.

    He is the founder of the Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada group.

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