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Secret lives within secret lives, and powers that don't always make things so super.
Nobody ever said being a trans superhero would be easy.

Reeling from his mentor’s murder and accused of complicity with the man who killed him, Toby MacNamara, AKA Double Tap, is quick to lash out at any target that presents itself. His attitude immediately sets him butting heads with reserve squad leader Alex Corbett (Justice), whose visual impairment doesn’t stop him from seeing right away how much trouble his new squad member is going to be. Alex struggles to keep his unruly team on track, and away from each other’s throats, as what should have been a simple mission against minor villain Doctor Defenestrator blossoms into an unexpectedly vicious trap.

Now with his promising career in the Metahuman Defence Corps forced to a standstill and a team of misfits as his only allies, Toby must find the courage to trust these virtual strangers with his life. And, just maybe, with the woman he's still learning how to be.

She knew it wouldn't be easy, but nobody told her it would be quite this hard.

By Reservation Only

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