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Cassidy Cane
 goes by many titles -- archeologist, anthropologist, adventurer -- but none more fitting than that given to her on some strange worlds: Slipstreamer.

Cassidy slips between worlds, traveling to bizarre planets and alternate Earths to find extraordinary new technologies and artifacts that might better humanity!

Cassidy ventures to a strange new world of advanced technology where one artifact — the Digital Heart — promises total control over the world’s technology! Can she secure it before it’s too late?


Written with bestselling award-winning author Jon Dobbin in his first Young Adult novella! Start the adventure now!

Cassidy Cane and the Quest for the Digital Heart

SKU: SS006
  • Jon Dobbin is an award winning author living in the St. John’s, Newfoundland metro region.

    He is a father of three, the husband to an amazing wife, an educator, and a tattoo and beard enthusiast.

    Dobbin’s work has appeared in the Chillers from the Rock, Dystopia from the Rock, From the Rock Stars, and, Kit Sora: The Artobiography collections.

    In 2019 he released his first novel, The Starving.

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