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In the stunning conclusion to the #1 Bestselling Superhero series, Xander and his team must contend with the Jekyl-and-Hyde persona created by the genetic engineering done on him while searching for an escaped serial killer responsible for the deaths of many of their friends. On top of all of that, both the youth and disadvantaged of the town are being preyed upon, as the town of Coral Beach seems to be unraveling.
Can Xander contend with his own deteriorating condition and still keep the people of Coral Beach safe?


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  • “The last book in the Coral Beach Casefiles, Chains, is a fitting end to the astonishing journey. LeDrew stayed loyal to the universe he created. He didn’t try to tie a neat little bow over the package to wrap up this series. True fans of the Black Womb will rejoice as the terror and suspense keep you wanting more, even after you’ve reached its brilliant conclusion.“
    Paul Carberry, bestselling author of: Zombies on the Rock

    “LeDrew’s work is horror that emerges from the urban fantasy tradition — the introduction of a fantastical element into a true-to-life, modern setting.”
    The Telegram, Aug 13, 2010

    “When I first read Black Womb I never expected to be so engrossed in its chilling tale of horror, and Xander’s troubled life as the Black Womb. I love how real the story is, in not having its hero leap over any conflict without any trouble. It was a great series and it is on my list on my top 10 book series’s, fighting for first place with Harry Potter.”
    Peter Smith, Engen Postcard Review winner, June 30, 2014

  • Matthew LeDrew holds an Honours Degree in English from the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a minor in Anthropology, and studied Journalism at College of the North Atlantic in Stephenville, Newfoundland. He was honoured to be a jury member of the 2018 NLBA awards.

    He has written twenty novels for Engen Books: the ten book Coral Beach Casefiles series, The Long Road, Cinders, Sinister Intent, Faith, Family Values, Jacobi Street, Touch Your Nose, Infinity, The Tourniquet Reprisal, and Exodus of Angels the latter three of which with co-author Ellen Curtis.

    He lives in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

    Since 2007 he has traveled all over Canada promoting his work as well as teaching seminars on writing and publishing. He also helps young Newfoundland authors become published through Engen Books.

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