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Jason is a normal call center worker at a normal call center. You know the type, you've probably worked at them. The type of place you tell yourself you'll be at for six months and then blink and it has been six years. The type of place that takes over your brain and makes you one of the drones.


He hates his boss. He has a friend he relaxes with between calls. He sits near a nice girl named Amanda he's been thinking about asking out. All said, Jason has a stereotypical case of the Call-Center Blues, and he doesn't see it getting better any time soon.


That changes the moment he realizes that his job isn't like every other: it's run my an evil group of alien invaders, infiltrating the human race with body-snatching parasitic organisms that actually are taking over his brain!


Jason must become more than he was in order to stop the threat of invasion to his planet. He thought the company he worked for was unremarkable, but they thought the same of him. They both made a terrible mistake.


Can Jason become what he needs to to save his friends and his world?

Corporate Invasion

SKU: TD001
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