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Featuring TWENTY astonishing authors from the province, CRYPTIDS FROM THE ROCK examines the strange, creepy, and absurd side of Newfoundland folklore! Jackalopes, Chupacabras, Sasquatches, and creates too disturbing to name!


Featuring Engen founder MATTHEW LEDREW, returning to the From the Rock series for the first time since Dystopia from the Rock! He brings with him a new story about a local paranormal-hunter television show gone wrong titled THE HUNTERS!


Also featuring Returning Rocker STACEY OAKLEY, author of THE HUNTER'S SOUL and THE NECROMANCER, who brings with her her creepy tale THE CREATURE IN THE WELL!


Stay tuned to this space for EIGHTEEN more announcements, including best-selling novelists, award-winners, and authors new to the field!


Be sure to pre-order to support the publisher and the author, and let us know how many to order! If you intend on picking up, be sure to hit "pickup at SJFM" regardless of where you plan on picking up!


Retailers should contact for special deals and rates.

Cryptids from the Rock

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