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The Knives have been sharpened.

Tash finds special youths. People with powers and abilities that make them different than the rest of their generation. She finds them and she trains them, to guard themselves both against threats from outside their community... and from within it.

Following a terrible personal tragedy, Tash takes her young students — Kelly, Iseult, and Nick — on a getaway to escape the madness that is their normal lives. They need a chance to just be young, she knows.

But a chance encounter with the psychic projector Thatcher catches the teens in a desperate conspiracy that might unravel one of the darkest secrets known. And to stop them from figuring it out, those behind it have sent a elite killing squad to deal with the teens: the Knives of Engen.

Can the team survive long enough to reveal the shocking truth?

Written by renowned bestselling author Matthew Daniels in his debut novel. Destiny doesn't wait for anyone.

Diary of Knives

SKU: MD001
  • Matthew Daniels is an author currently living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

    He has over a dozen writing credits both locally and internationally, and his work had been featured in bestselling anthologies on five separate occasions. Stories include ‘Grey Anatomy’ in Paragon, ‘Where With All’ in All Borders are Temporary, and too many stories to count in the From the Rock series.

    In December 2019 he was named a member of the Engen Books Board of Directors.

    His first novel, Diary of Knives, was released in January 2021.

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