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Celebrate the upcoming release of DESOLATE by Carolyn R Parsons with this special bundle of THREE Dystopian Newfoundland books for 25% off!


Includes the preorder for Carolyn R Parons' DESOLATE, the bestselling ZOMBIES ON THE ROCK: OUTBREAK by Paul Carberry, and VIRAL by award-winning author Andrew Peacock!


From the DESOLATE back cover:

It is the year 2047 and Jean Adler knows precisely three things.

First, she adores her adopted town of Desolate Island and wants to live there forever.

Second, leading her community through the fallout that plunged their world into darkness, forcing her to decide if they will stay or leave, is way outside her skillset.

And third, it is guaranteed that only a lucky few of her beloved community— and her brand new family— will make it out alive.

What she doesn't know though is: who?


Expected delivery March 2022.

Dystopian Newfoundland 3-Pack

C$59.99 Regular Price
C$44.99Sale Price
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