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Engen Books is proud and honoured to bring the Fairies of Foggy Island to print.


The Fairies of Foggy Island is a collection of photographs, sketches and stories surrounding the research of Professor Eleanor Russ and Dr. Simon Burridge, as they attempt to find the origins of fairy folklore. Their journey takes them to Foggy Island, a land shrouded in both mist and secrecy. Gaining a grant to study the Island’s link to fairy folklore, the two researchers spend a year exploring the uncharted terrain, searching for forgotten relics to illuminate the origins of fairy belief. What they discover is much more magical. Fairies exist on Foggy Island.


Celebrating multiple disciplines of art, including the writing of Melissa Bishop, the sculpture of Nicole Russell, and the photography of Kyle Callahan, the Fairies of Foggy Island is a gorgeous coffee-table book that is a must for any lover of the arts, fantasy, or folklore.

Fairies of Foggy Island

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