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Cassidy Cane goes by many titles -- archeologist, anthropologist, adventurer -- but none more fitting than that given to her on some strange worlds: Slipstreamer.

Cassidy slips between worlds, traveling to bizarre planets and alternate Earths to find extraordinary new technologies and artifacts that might better humanity!

Exploring the portals, Cassidy finds her strangest world yet: a world populated completely with dinosaurs! Warring factions of the great beasts each seek to recruit her, and she must navigate this tense world and find her path back home before the portal closes forever!

Written with best-selling author Matthew Daniels, mainstay of the From the Rock series and author of Diary of Knives! Not to be missed!

Flowers for Albatross

SKU: SS008
  • Matthew Daniels is a respected author whose prose has made print in publications worldwide. His debut novel, Diary of Knives, was released in January 2021 from Engen Books.

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