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Stitches pull us together. Ephemeral pieces of string.


Thatcher Verra just wanted to be left alone. He wanted to stay inside, away from the fuss and the stress. Away from the people. Inside he was a person, an island, a world all his own.


But individual worlds are sewn together, and none of us exist in a vacuum. Now his power to inflict his emotional state onto others has created an isolationist community that threatens the lives of all within. Can he overcome his anxieties to save them all, and himself?


Interstitches: Worlds Sewn Together features twenty-five stories of such worlds. Each story is fabric, creating a picture of that place for just a moment. All connected, held together with string and glue.

Interstitches: Worlds Sewn Together

SKU: MD002
  • Matthew Daniels is an author currently living in St. John’s, Newfoundland. 

    He has over a dozen writing credits both locally and internationally, and his work had been featured in bestselling anthologies on five separate occasions. Stories include ‘Grey Anatomy’ in Paragon, ‘Where With All’ in All Borders are Temporary, and too many stories to count in the From the Rock series.

    In December 2019 he was named a member of the Engen Books Board of Directors.

    His first novel, Diary of Knives, was released in January 2021. Interstitches: Worlds Sewn Together is the first collection of his short fiction.

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