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Politics can be nasty. And the 2001 Liberal leadership contest in Newfoundland and Labrador is touted as one of the nastiest in the province’s history.  In It’s Just Politics, Sonia B. Glover provides a brilliant first-hand account of the indelible events surrounding the controversial 2001 leadership race to replace Premier Brian Tobin.


A newcomer to the political scene and the communications lead for veteran politician and leadership contender John Efford, Glover shares her experience as only a true insider could. With her compelling narrative, she gives us a front row seat to the highs and epic lows of the bitterly fought race that split the Liberal party in two.


Glover tells her personal story with an openness and honesty that takes a balanced approach to what was an explosive and unforgettable leadership race. We are led through John Efford’s initial announcement and are with the campaign every step of the way – from the accusations of dirty dealings and the excitement of being on the campaign trail, to the fateful events of the stormy convention weekend and the eventual demise of the Liberal party. Through her journey, we also learn how the leadership race forever shaped Glover’s views of partisan politics and loyalty.

It's Just Politics

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