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Cassidy Cane goes by many titles -- archeologist, anthropologist, adventurer -- but none more fitting than that given to her on some strange worlds: Slipstreamer.


Cassidy slips between worlds, traveling to bizarre planets and alternate Earths to find extraordinary new technologies and artifacts that might better humanity!


While searching for a strange magnetic mineral, Cassidy ventures to Vering Island, Astrada, a small island in a world at war with a tense relationship with the air base recently built on their island.


Relations between the islanders and the air base are already tense, but when Cassidy crash-lands it results in the air base taking something of great importance from the islanders to help the war effort.


Can Cassidy set things right on this world plagued by war before it’s too late?

Navigating Stories

SKU: SS007
  • A native Newfoundlander, Lisa M Daly is an archaeologist, historian, professional ballroom dance instructor, crafter, and avid baker.

    Previous non-fiction writing credits include essays Sacrifice in Second World War Gander and An Empty Graveyard: The Victims of the 1946 AOA DC-4 Crash, Their Final Resting Place, and Dark Tourism.

    She made her fiction writing debut with ‘The Island Outside the War’ in Dystopia from the Rock.

    Lisa acted as the guest editor for the Summer 2019 Flights from the Rock collection.

    Navigating Stories is her first novella.

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