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Preorder for a Fall 2022 release, the first full-length novel from author Nicole Little!


Exterminator ROXY BUCKLES, a bounty hunter-cum-mercenary, lives on Aurora, a highly advanced Earth-2 planet in a solar system on the flip side of the Milky Way. At the helm of Buckles & Associates, Roxy takes down space thugs and alien lawbreakers with relish. Her longsuffering best friend SUKI KWAN, runs the office with an iron fist. She desperately wants Roxy to let go of the past. But Roxy is consumed by a need for revenge.


Ten years ago, Roxy’s fiancé, SAM SPARROW, a high-ranking fly-guy at The Academy for Intergalactic Law Enforcement, stood accused of a heinous crime – setting a bomb that destroyed The Academy, killing hundreds of innocent people and leaving Suki Kwan with near fatal injuries. Sparrow proclaims his innocence but when he escapes custody and goes on the run, Roxy swears she will bring him to justice, one way or another.

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow

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