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There are stories in the fog, too deep to penetrate without stepping in... and becoming a part of them.

In the year since the release of the bestselling TERROR NOVA, the author of the cult-classic has been roaming the countryside to promote the book, all while struggling with writer’s block that is hindering its sequel.

When the invitation comes to spend Halloween weekend at a centuries-old merchant estate for a writer’s retreat, he thinks it might be the solution to his problems.

He doesn’t expect to find that some scary stories write themselves...

Featuring twelve terrifying short stories from Newfoundland’s top talents, including the alter-ego of USA Today Bestselling author Kate Sparkes Tanith Frost (Resurrection), horror short-fiction master Kelley Power (Tombstories), the talented CH Newell, Paul Carberry (Carcharodon), Jon Dobbin (The Starving), Brad Dunne (The Gut), and many more!


Terror Nova: Writers Retreat

SKU: MH002
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