When the enigmatic author of the cult classic bestseller Terror Nova roams the countryside to try and find an end to his writer's block, he is confronted at every turn by locals and loyal readers who share with him their own tales of dread from Newfoundland's rocky shores. He went searching for a scary story, and may find that he finds it...


Featuring twelve terrifying short stories from Newfoundland's top talents, including USA Today Bestseller Tanith Frost (Ressurrection), horror short-fiction master Kelley Power (Tombstories), the talented CH Newell, and many more!

Terror Nova: Writers Retreat

SKU: MH002
  • “This is not only a great addition to Newfoundland literature, but a great entry into the horror genre in general. A terrific collection of stories, inspiring me to seek out their works individually.” — Amazon Customer

  • Featuring the work of Mike Hickey, Alexander McIntosh, Lauralana Dunne, Kelley Power, Jon Dobbin, Phil Goodridge, CH Newell, Brad Dunne, Paul Carberry, Joshua Goudie, Ali House, Tanith Frost, and, Erin Mick!