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Tales of the flying castle have driven the fate's of humans for generations -- those who quest it, and those who seek to protect it as their home.

Bijan, a treasure hunter and adventurer, is compelled to find the castle of legend and prove its reality... so much so that he allows himself to be taken in by mysterious employers and their unconventional guide. What is their true purpose with the castle in the clouds?

Leandra, princess of the flying castle, finds herself caught in the political games of life in the castle. She is told that she must wed a man she despises in order to preserve her people and their culture, but she knows the lies of men and how they use them to get their way. Can she uncover the truth?

Edric, an apprentice mage prepares for the next stage of his training. He is to come of age as one of the magical guardians of the castle. He knows he should be happy -- proud even -- but there is something sinister on the edges of the ceremony. Why are the mages never seen again once they take their holy vows?

A boy enslaved by magic. A princess imprisoned by her lineage. A man in search of a legend. Their paths will cross as they attempt to escape Appolumi, the flying castle of legend, the mythical forces within, and the bandits from below.

The Broken Spire

SKU: JD002
  • Jon Dobbin is an award winning author living in the St. John’s, Newfoundland metro region.

    He is a father of three, the husband to an amazing wife, an educator, and a tattoo and beard enthusiast.

    Dobbin’s work has appeared in the Chillers from the Rock, Dystopia from the Rock, and, Kit Sora: The Artobiography collections.

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