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None live there, but it's always full.


In the small town of Crooked Creek, Newfoundland, Percy Benoit stares out towards that cottage across the lake and at the black water between them. That building calls to him. On stormy nights; in moonlight so strong the lake glows… It calls.


It calls with the voice of a loved one lost. It calls with the echoes of taunts that should long since have been taken by the wind. Percy knows he must reach the cottage, no matter what the legends say, but his imagination could never have prepared him for what he'd find.

International Best-Selling horror icon Paul Carberry brings his substantial talents to the haunted house genre in this suspenseful thriller!


Preorder now for delivery in early August 2022!


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The Cottage Across the Lake

SKU: PC006
C$19.99 Regular Price
C$17.99Sale Price
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