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Where the hell did that homeless guy with a Santa hat and his spaceship come from?

Earth is dying, ravaged by an apocalyptic blizzard encountered by First Responder Jacob Fathom when his ambulance crashes. Fathom reaches a base to save its occupants, only to be interrupted by the homeless Terral B. Hylotz stumbling in. When Hylotz abruptly leaves, their search for him leads to a spaceship that propels them on an intergalactic quest against the harshest perils of the storm.

Will they ever find Earth again? Can they save it from the storm? And just where the hell did that homeless guy and his spaceship come from anyway? Choose who you’d like to pilot and, through their perspective, you’ll discover new planets and races taking you closer to solving the mystery of Terral B. Hylotz.

Blending the irreverence of Douglas Adams with an eye for quick wit and strange situations, The Epic Quest For Terral B. Hylotz is a page-turning ride you have to read to believe!

The Epic Quest for Terral B. Holtz

SKU: APi001
  • Andrew Pike is from St. John’s, holding a degree in English from Memorial University of Newfoundland, as well as diplomas in Journalism and Music from College of the North Atlantic. 

    He nurtures an unhealthy addiction to coffee, has written for The Telegram, and plays classical piano.

    Previously published stories include ‘Escape from Selenous Valley Retreat’ in Dystopia from the Rock and ‘Slipdream’ from Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock.

    The Epic Quest For Terral B. Hylotz is his first novel.

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