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In the beginning, only three trees grew in the forest. It is said that when the first tree fell, the first humans of Impardia appeared. From the branches and berries of the second tree came the elves, and that tree too fell. Then there was the last tree. The tree of the faeries. Some say that one still stands, deep within Impardia’s forest. But most of Impardia has long forgotten about the elves and the faeries, as the kingdom has long been unknowingly divided. A kingdom partly shrouded by a veil. With a single act of kindness, Augustus sets off on a journey that might just reunite the kingdom of Impardia once more.

The Last Tree

SKU: MC001
  • "A delightful adventure in a magical world full of fascinating creatures!" -- Ali House

  • Michelle Churchill is a writer based in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador. Her works include 4 short fairy tales published in Kit Sora: The Artobiography and short stories in the From the Rock series.
    Michelle is a mother of two fantastic kids, an avid cosplayer, habitual volunteer, occasionally fosters kittens, and enjoys playing a bit of D&D with friends and family.

    Her first novel is the Young Readers fantasy title The Last Tree, published in December 2019.

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