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Cassidy Cane goes by many titles -- archeologist, anthropologist, adventurer -- but none more fitting than that given to her on some strange worlds: Slipstreamer.


Cassidy slips between worlds, traveling to bizarre planets and alternate Earths to find extraordinary new technologies and artifacts that might better humanity!


Facing uncertainty as her life as a Slipstreamer begins to intrude on her career and a professor and archeologist, Cassidy escapes into a fight against the elements against The Snows of Aetalus!

Bestselling author Shannon K Green takes Cassidy on this roller coaster novel-length adventure! A not to be missed Slipstreamers extravaganza!

The Snows of Aetalus

SKU: SS010
  • A gifted author with a talent for the strange, Shannon K Green has been recognized in both the genre community and the contemporary literary community for his pursuits. In the past, he has been shortlisted for the 1996 Arts and Letters Award, and later won the 2015 Audience Choice Steampunk Newfoundland Showcase.

    Green’s short fiction has appeared in Fantasy from the Rock, The Hamthology, Jibbernocky and the bestselling collections Chillers from the Rock, Dystopia from the Rock, Flights from the Rock, Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock, From the Rock Stars and, this year, in Mythology from the Rock.

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