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Something evil grows in the heart of Colorado.

Bill Weston was a man of the West. He knew it - its land, its people, its stories. It was where he plied his trade, hunting men for money. His life wasn’t easy, but it was predictable. That all changed when he captured Faraway Sue and he was led on a trip through the Colorado forests. In those unknown wilds Weston was confronted by an ancient evil, bent and twisted by time and hunger. It would take everything in him to make it out alive, but what can a man do when faced with a creature out of myth and legend? Find a way to survive, or be changed forever.

The Starving

SKU: JD001
  • "Dobbin masterfully reveals the background of each character, unraveling each one for the reader's consumption as each character's life begins unraveling in the story. We see what they're made of as the tale's antagonist attempts to unmake them, in a visceral recount of both psychological and physical horrors." -- Jeff Slade

    "Dobbin's debut novel is a great one. Predator meets Hell on Wheels. Classic western with a touch of King and Lovecraft. Dobbin succeeds in immersing the reader in an anxiously narrow environment, careful to set each setting tight and claustrophobic." -- BC Laybolt

    "An incredible debut novel that I cannot stop thinking about! Brash and unrelenting from the first to the final page, you will not want to put this book down. Sharp dialogue; fascinating, deeply developed characters and scenes so crisp and definitive that you feel as though you, the reader, are right there with our cast of misfits, in that deep dark woods. "The Starving" drags you under and holds on tight with its razor sharp claws - it leaves you hungry for more." -- Nicole Little, author of The Lotus Fountain

    "A fantastic western horror. The town of Barclay, and the surrounding woods make the perfect setting for this intense tale. The writing is vivid, well paced and extremely descriptive. Dobbin has the imagination of a gifted story teller and the skills of a seasoned writer. You don't want to miss Jon Dobbin's debut novel." -- Bestselling author Paul Carberry

    "Dobbin’s writing routinely makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. He knows how to draw a reader into his tales, and The Starving is no exception." -- Ellen Curtis

    "A great horror story in a gritty, Western setting. I particularly enjoyed Dobbin's skill with voice, giving each of the POV characters a distinctive sound and feel that is immediately relatable - even when the characters themselves are sometimes the last people you want to be relating to. I noted a couple of editing snafus early on, but nothing that impacted the story itself drawing you in, with greater and greater horror and fascination. Well done!" -- JRH Lawless

    "I found The Starving to be surprising and original. First off, it's a horror/western genre mash-up, which in itself is pretty unique. Louis L'amour meets Bram Stoker (though this isn't a vampire story, it shares the investigative and pursuit quality of it)." -- Jason Kilgore

  • Jon Dobbin is an award winning author living in the St. John’s, Newfoundland metro region.

    He is a father of three, the husband to an amazing wife, an educator, and a tattoo and beard enthusiast.

    Dobbin’s work has appeared in the Chillers from the Rock, Dystopia from the Rock, and, Kit Sora: The Artobiography collections.

    The Starving is his first novel.

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