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You want a democratic revolution? Because this is how you get a democratic revolution.

On the cusp of the 22nd century, the world has long forgotten Liam Argyle, and the former reality show host turned failed rebel couldn’t be happier. Well, perhaps he could—not being locked away in a high-tech nightmare asylum home would be a good start—but he has at least earned some small measure of peace in his forced retirement in the remote English institution. After all the mistakes he made along the way, it’s probably more than he deserves.But even that peace shatters when past good deeds return to haunt him. He is pulled back into the limelight of the next generation’s fight for direct democracy, in a Solar System ravaged by a century and a half of unchecked corporate power and greed.On the run, and with old friends and young new allies depending on him to turn their collective dreams of true democracy into a reality, maybe the System hasn’t quite seen the last of Liam Argyle, after all.

Available as of October 1st!


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This is the Good Part

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