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Peter J Foote

Peter J. Foote is a bestselling speculative fiction writer from Nova Scotia, Canada. He runs the FictionFirst Used Books, specializing in fantasy & sci-fi titles. Peter’s stories are a reflection of his personal life, as he is a firm believer in the adage that a writer should write what they know.

Peter’s work has twice been awarded the Kit Sora Flash Fiction Prize and holds the distinction of being one the only authors to be featured in all the From the Rock collections. In total, Peter has been featured in over two dozen publications, with interest in his short fiction worldwide.

He is the founder of the Genre Writers of Atlantic Canada group.

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The Fiction of Peter J Foote

Peter J Foote blends realism with stylish elements to create some of the most poignant, daring fiction ever to come out of Nova Scotia. Best known for his short fiction and advocacy work, Foote has gone on to be a novelist to be reckoned with. 

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