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Bronwynne Erskine

An Ontario native currently residing in Newfoundland, Erskine is an avid steampunk enthusiast and acrylic landscape painter.

Erskine made their publishing debut in 2018’s Chillers from the Rock with their chilling tale: “Scarlett Ribbons”, returned in 2019’s Flights from the Rock with “Feather and Bone”, with “The Lindwyrm’s Bride” in Mythology from the Rock, and was featured with three stories in Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us.

In 2023 their first novel, By Reservation Only, will be released from Engen Books.

    The Fiction of Bronwynne Erskine

    A brilliant author with an eye toward progressive stories and progressive characters, Bronwynne Erskine weaves stories through lyrical, poignant phraseology that glides from one sentence to the next. Character-focused, incredible fiction, both short and longform, below.

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