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The Engen Universe

With over twenty novels spread over three different series by many different authors, the Engen Universe of titles is growing every day and into genres we couldn’t have imagined! From the original ten book Black Womb thriller series, its crime novel sequel series Xander Drew, our flagship adventure title Infinity, or single-novels like Jacobi Street or light|dark,  there’s something in the Engen Universe for everyone with more books by more authors on the way soon! 

Featuring the works of Ali House, Ellen Curtis, Erin Vance, Paul Carberry, Matthew Daniels, Andrea Hackett, Sarah Thompson, Jay Paulin, Sam Bauer, Kelly Rose, and Matthew LeDrew!

    The Engen Universe

    A series of interconnected novels telling the stories of people with strange and fantastic powers living in a world that's all-too-real. In a world with real monsters, mankind is still the greatest monster. Encompassing crime thrillers, supernatural thrillers, buddy comedies, and horror novels, there's something in The Engen Universe for everyone!

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