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Announcing 'A History of Newfoundland Comic Books' by Elizabeth Whitten

Engen Books is proud to announce the next book in our Engen Non-Fiction line, continuing our exploration of life in our province through a myriad of lenses. In 2023, author Elizabeth Whitten will bring her book detailing A History of Newfoundland Comics, a comprehensive look at the indie comics scene in the province.

The book will be a collection of essays that introduce the major figures in the local comic book scene and how they became interested in comics, the challenges of working in this province, the themes they write about, and what inspired them.

Comics featured range from professional work for DC and Mirage, to small-press magazines and zines, to strip comics featured in papers like The Muse.

Whitten says: "Comic books have always held a special fascination for me and I recently wrote an article for the CBC about the history of indie comic books in this province, interviewing three active artists whose work spans several generations. Over the course of writing the piece, I felt there was a larger story to go into and more artists to talk to, so the idea for a book began to solidify."

Whitten's previous writing experience includes work for The Independent, allNewfoundlandAndLabrador, and Downhome Magazine. Engen Books Ltd. is proud to bring her first solo venture to print and explore an aspect of local Newfoundland publishing history previously left unwritten.

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