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Announcing THREE 2025 titles | Taylor Barrett, Vijayaraj Mahendraraj, and Benedict Northman

Engen Books is pleased and honored to announce three new titles by Newfoundland authors to its 2025 release schedule!


COVER MY EYES is a historical thriller/romance novella, and is an Own Voices title exploring bisexuality. Taylor Barrett is currently an English student at Memorial University of Newfoundland who has been reading and writing from a young age. They write primarily in the romance and thriller genre, with focus on mental health and queer characters with tight-knit friend groups. She won the 'Most Prepared Pitch' award at the 2023 WritersNL Pitch the Publisher event for her pitch of Cover My Eyes.

Synopsis: It’s 1931 in Kansas, and twenty-three-year-old Jamie Foster is in desperate need of employment. Recklessly, she secures a job as an executioner, but quickly discovers the trauma that comes with it. Through this job she meets Eleanor Collins, a woman who has recently fled her hometown, and the two form a deep connection- one that Jamie does not entirely understand.


Vijayaraj Mahendraraj is an Indian, born and raised in Malaysia. Currently working as

a neurologist in Newfoundland, writing has been a passion since childhood. He enjoys

exploring unique settings and unlikely protagonists in his works, having a special place in his

heart for fantasy and horror genres. He has been published in several horror anthologies by the Black Hare Press, a publishing company out of Australia, and has been featured in the online World of Myth Magazine.

Synopsis: A strange malady in a remote seaside hamlet beckons the expertise of travelling

physician Andra Woods. Expecting a benign disease and a quick remedy, she soon discovers

there is more at work. Her curious investigation leads her deeper into the obscure; occult rituals, unexplained disappearances, and piety fueled by fear and desperation. Were these simply ailments of the mind or the designs of ominous horrors beyond one’s comprehension? Before the end, the good doctor must learn to face her own demons before she can brave what lurks in the depths.


Benedict Northman lives in St. John’s, Newfoundland, and holds a master’s degree in epidemiology. He is raising two little readers at home along with his wife. Having been born and raised in Newfoundland, it is a dream of mine to have a title published by a great Newfoundland publisher like Engen. His first novel, The Calligromancer, is a young adult fantasy.

Synopsis: Eighteen-year-old Duke’s family has more secrets than most, but he realizes how dangerous those secrets are when his grandfather—his only remaining family member—is murdered. When he discovers his grandfather was a Calligromancer—a powerful mage capable of altering reality through writing—Duke fears the murderers will come for him next. To unravel his family’s hidden past and discover why he’s being targeted and by whom, Duke cons his way to the capital, where he uses his family name to score an apprenticeship at the College of Calligromancy.

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