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Author Melissa Bishop returns for Mythology from the Rock!

Engen Books is proud to reveal the seventh author to be featured in Mythology from the Rock, Melissa Bishop, who returns after her debut in 2020's Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock!

Born and raised in the St. John’s /Mount Pearl area, Bishop is a newcomer to the genre fiction scene in Atlantic Canada whose fantastic prose has taken the provinces community by storm. Her work won three Kit Sora awards: July 2019 ‘Cycles,’ September 2019 ‘Huntress of the Woods,’ and May 2020 'Brightest and Best.' In addition she has placed numerous other times.

Writing about her story 'The Photograph' in Pulp Science-Fiction from the Rock, R. Graeme Cameron of Amazing Stories wrote: "This is a classic SF tale... Possibly a reminder that things aren’t always what they seem."

Bishop describes herself as a loyal Tolkien fan who enjoyed reading about different mythologies as a child. She currently works as a high school teacher, teaching at the same high school she attended in her youth. She started writing when she was very young and honed her skills in High School, when she started a pen pal friendship that has lasted for over 17 years, writing stories back and forth to each other.

She brings with her two short stories, 'Polaris' and 'The River that Runs.'

Bishop joins KA Mielke, Ali House, Peter J Foote, Yasmine Dalloul, Hannah Jenkins, and AJ Ryan on the list of announced authors.

There are twenty-one authors yet to be revealed, including award-winning short fiction authors, popular novelists, and mainstays of the From the Rock series! Stay tuned to Engen Books for more revelations!

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