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The past week has been incredibly busy, leaving no time to plot a prop/concept for this week. When life finally slowed down for Sunday, I was exhausted and overslept and moved at a snail's pace as the weight of life settled in. I wasn't quite myself and I'm still not there, but it's a work in progress.

We were heading out to Carbonear/Hearts Content to visit people we love, and had to pack up the car for the day. I couldn't settle on a dress I wanted to shoot, I barely picked a wig, and grabbed an iridescent cape I picked up recently. On a whim I decided I wanted a torch, as it was super foggy outside, and could shoot it later in the day, so Drew found a broom as old as the house in the basement, and was about to load it into the trunk when he found and ACTUAL torch that was picked up for another project- You never know what you'll find in our house/car.

I had a vague idea of what I wanted in my head, but as we neared Hearts Content, the fog all but vanished so I was recalculating in my head. We left HC shortly after sunset, loving the beautiful clear skies and deep hues of life around us. Not two minutes after hitting the road however, the wall of fog returned and available light was cut in half! It only thickened as we neared the space I had in my head, and it was quickly back to the original idea.

We hopped out of the car, and everything was so incredibly still. Not a breath of wind, not a chirping bird, just the sounds of our shoes on the gravel. It was happy thoughts from there on out because I scare myself so easily, and you could barely see 5 feet in front of you, in the dark, thick, blue fog.

We reached my destination, Drew coated the torch in burlap and kerosine, and I stripped down to just my cape. There was an eerie chill in the air just before the torch was lit, and then it was 'don't catch on fire, check focus, fire'. We had a solid 30-40 seconds of flaming torch before the top fell off, and Drew saved the world from catching fire. A basic layer of clothing was reapplied as we found our way back to the car, where we loaded up, cranked Enya & drove off to start our journey home <3

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