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STORYTIME! Yes, that is snow, yes I am naked from the hips up, and yes, it was just as cold as you would think! That said, I did have fleece lined leggings, fuzzy socks, and my wintriest boots on just out of shot!

I had an antler shot in my head for a while, I was just lacking the antlers! Then, by some miracle, a dear friend Tara had a set and offered them to be to borrow for a prop! Because they were on lend, I could add the copious amounts of glitter that I had originally in my head, but the butterfly worked out just as well for the overall tone of this shot.

While I do tend to do silly things in cold weather for photos, I am always more prepared than it seems- The shoots are typically either done in one 7ish minute burst, or 1-3 multiple bursts of 3 minutes, with warm coats and hot water bottles and warm drinks in between! I'm not -always- as nude as I look, and the art of being sneaky is something I've mastered!

This particular shot took less than 5 minutes to get, once my back hit the snow! We scouted in my favourite place, and found the perfect spot! I cheated of course because I didn't actually want to die, and lined up the shot before I got down there, then trusted my precious boy with recreating the angle I had set out for, and of course he did it perfectly!

I have this glorious ability to go completely straight faced and calm despite the harsh cold conditions I was subjecting my body to. The faces and expressions prior to this shot were absolutely hysterical, but when scrolling through the back of the camera it's like a switch from the 'ermagherd', to the hibernating, peaceful creature seen here. When doing this sort of thing, it's 'anything for the shot', and 'the quicker I get the expression I need, the quicker I can stick my cold body in my warm car with my butt warmer on full tilt'. ❤

Words © 2018 Kit Sora. Image © 2018 Kit Sora.

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