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May as well make this an annual thing, just wishing I had started it earlier!

I literally had -no- idea what this week's photo was going to be, and even at 4:00pm yesterday I knew I had the love potion bottle and beyond that I had no idea. Drew was leaving to drop a friend home and told me I had until he came back to come up with something so we could prep whatever we needed to before shooting- and then it hit me!

All the details were up in the air but I knew I wanted to be lying somewhere green with this love potion being forced into me with nothing but these arms coming into the frame. Outfit was decided mere minutes before stepping out the door, wig likewise.

It was -pouring- rain when we arrived to one of my magical locations, and the ballgown (D has a full snap on his phone) I was wearing quickly filled with water and got pretty heavy! We scoped and landed in this spot, with the precious purple flowers in the background for that teeny pop of colour. Tripod was set up, trigger fired, all we had to do was get into place! But of course I chose to shoot with my unforgiving 85mm at 1.8. Drew was required to place a knee under my head while lining up with the camera that was about 7 feet away, and then had to hold my face in such a way that it wouldn't be blocked from camera, but was also dainty and not awkward! I then needed him to pour the juice into my mouth.

It only took us 5 different sets to finally get it right! And by the end of it my juice launching skills got pretty good (inside of the bottle was de-sparkling). By this point we were both covered in rain, and I had juice down my back, under my boobs, in my ears, etc. No fun if you don't make a mess

I do want to point out how perfectly D physically held everything- Anyone who knows me or has shot with me will know I'm all about the dainty, princess, fairy hands; knowledge he will take to the grave. His precious lil pinky's existing where they are, and the firm yet loving grip on the side of my face; leaves a lot of open ended space for you to consider how we got here

-- Kit Sora

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