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Engen to publish 'The Vicious Kind,' debut poetry book by Krysta Fitzpatrick

Engen Books is proud to announce the addition of "The Vicious Kind" by Krysta Fitzpatrick to its late-2024 / early-2025 publication calendar.

Krysta Fitzpatrick is a writer, educator, and artist hailing from St. John’s, Newfoundland. Currently pursuing her PhD in English Literature at Memorial University, she also imparts her knowledge as an instructor in the English and Gender Studies departments. Inspired by literary icons such as Shirley Jackson, Angela Carter, and Alice Munro, Krysta delves into the abject nature of female existence in small towns, a subject close to her heart.

"The Vicious Kind" weaves poetic language into narrative, providing a unique storytelling and emotional experience unlike anything on shelves today.

Fitzpatrick splashed onto the scene during the 2024 Pitch Wars held by WritersNL, where her eclectic and original pitch wowed all publishers and patrons in attendance.

"(Engen Editor-in-Chief) Erin Vance and I were both blown away by Fitpatrick's poetry," says Engen founder Matthew LeDrew. "It combines feminist aspirations with harsh truths and threads the needle between the two with beautiful precision -- a rare feat of craft. We knew what we had on our hands instantly."

"The Vicious Kind" releases in late 2024. Stay tuned to Engen Books for more updates.

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