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This weeks was slightly rushed, as I had to make / shoot it on Saturday evening because Sunday was a heckin busy day! I think I actually sketched it earlier that day too!

So this was sort of a mash between 'head in the clouds', 'look to the stars', 'light on the other side' etc. I needed something I could create relatively fast, and with stuff already in the house. I found a sheet of cardboard (large), and literally plopped my face onto the cardboard in my living room to trace my face (both Drew and Tim were napping at this point). Once traced, I just cut out my face hole, and then glued down both lights and fluff. In the end, the lights didn't work out quite how I had envisioned, but they're cute enough for the one shot with Mulan <3

I had planned to have my hands pulling back the clouds for me to peer my head through, however it looked suuuuuper ridiculous having fingers and a hand popping through right next to my face, despite my desperate attempt at dainty hands. I felt more like a giant spider, so gave up!

While I had the sketch for reference, I still wasn't sure on what angle I needed/wanted to shoot from, so I used my darling boy for a few test shots!.. in the evening.. in front of our giant bay window on the main road.. with the curtains open.. He totally didn't lock eyes with a poor passer by 🙃

It took a few attempts to make my face look like a sensible shape (taking away one's neck leaves your face shape looking super foreign to you btw), but landed it in the end, and it was pretty much just like the sketch (which is somewhat rare these days!)

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