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Happy 2019! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season, and that the joy continues through the new year!

I had a page full of 'themes' for this year's 52 project as 2018 drew to a close, however when the time came to choose one to stick to for another whole year, I simply couldn't decide! Thus, welcome to 52 Adventures! I hope we can travel to many magical places together over the next 52 weeks!

A few short weeks before the shooting of this Wilwarin, my precious morpho, Winnifred arrived from Moth On The Wall! As soon as I opened her I was overwhelmed with a million different concepts (I considered doing a year of butterflies, but alas here we are). Settling on the perfect one for the first week was a bit of a struggle, as the desire to impress and start the year with a bang was definitely on my mind!

Saturday evening I curled up in my pink chair with my old sketchbook and a mechanical pencil, and the first thing I sketched was myself caught in a giant net, reaching for Winnie! I so lovingly looked across the room to my darling Fiancé, and he must have sensed I had a prop idea ready to propose, because he gave me one of those looks, followed by an 'Oh no, what do I need to build?'.

Despite the apprehension, he fabricated by giant butterfly net in about 3 minutes flat, including the time taken to run around the house collecting the pieces! The net itself is actually his hammock! The round base was the bottom of my gold cage from last year's 52, and the handle was from the dire paint brush also used last year! Here's to fast thinking and up-cycling!

Sunday morning (shoot day) I was horrified to be woken up to the rain attempting to break in through our bedroom window with the wind. It was absolutely torrential! Had it been snow, I would have panicked less, but I had no back up prop prepared. I spent another hour with my sketch book and simply stared at the blank pages. When that didn't seem to get me anywhere I moved to the window, where I stared hard at the rain for another half an hour, hoping to will it away!

Sure enough, halfway through the day the rain let up, and the wind died down! I wished upstairs to put on a decent face and grabbed the first dress I put my hands on! Drew and I collected the net & Winnie and headed to the precious place we will tie the knot in 7 months!

The fog lingered low over the lake at the bottom of the hill, and the wind held off long enough to set up and complete the shot! My darling boy assisted in being my 'human tripod', as mine managed to hide itself rather well while I tore the house apart trying to find it just before the shoot. Once finished, we piled back into the car, and headed home to de-christmas-ify the house before heading out for some noodles with two dear friends!

Tomorrow is prep day for week 2 of this adventure, and I can't wait to create more magic for you!~

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