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I resolve to finish at least one project I start.  (I have twelve months ahead of me, which should be more than enough time to get a working draft done of something. And although I may leave a hundred unfinished projects in my wake, I will finish that one thing.  ...Unless it gets too hard, then I'll switch projects to something else that I'm sure to finish. But I'll definitely finish that project.)  (Probably.)

I resolve to never be without a pen.  (I will continue to buy more pens than I could ever possibly need, and to be very particular about which pens I buy because some are definitely better than others and ink consistency matters very much.)

I resolve to continue buying books even though I have piles of unread books around my home.  (I'd resolve to stop doing that, but it would probably be broken within minutes.)

I resolve to review more books.  (Considering how often I read reviews to get an idea of what a book's like, I should be writing more of them.)

I resolve to finish editing that 300,000 word behemoth of a story.  (I can achieve that in twelve months... Right?)

I resolve to be more confident about my work.  (Baby steps...)

I resolve not to let bad reviews get me down.  (Well, not too much.)

I resolve not to let good reviews give me a swollen ego.  (Well, not too much  ;)  )

I resolve to be more supportive of other authors.

I resolve to continue growing as an author and getting better.

And I resolve to continue to drink more coffee than a normal person should and to stay up into the wee hours of the night if inspiration has struck. (Because everyone should have at least one resolution they know they'll knock out of the park.)

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