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Holy Honey Hams!

I don't even know where to start with any of this! About a year ago, an amazing local publishing company called Engen Books reached out to me for a coffee date to discuss 'ideas' they had! Upon collecting the perfect hot chocolate, they started throwing out ideas of grandeur like purchasing some of my pieces for books, shooting book covers, and then creating a book of my own. Of course at the time it seemed more like a pipe dream, but now, just about a year later, after copious amounts of Tim's, meetings, online discussions, and chilly shoots, I'm writing this post my first ever book launch.

Matthew & Ellen, I cannot thank you & the team of Engen Books enough for making all of this possible! I always shot what I did for myself because I enjoyed, it, and shared it with my small portion of the world just for fun, but I never in a million years would have thought that so many people would be interested in half of what I was putting out there, and I'm honoured and forever grateful you picked me and made that connection and believed in me from the get go. You're making my dreams come true

Ian & Renee, my darling parents! Your unending support and love all these years through my bright ideas and less bright ideas is so crucial to how far I've come, and I love you both so much for it! From letting me borrow the SUV to transport a giant door around to set on fire, to smiling and nodding when I pitched a crazy photo idea, to simply dropping in a 'We're so proud of you' in casual conversation. From the bottom (all the way to the top) of my heart, Thank you! I love you both beyond measure!

Drew, Droodles, my precious Fiancé. You are incredible. The things you do, sacrifice, create, put up with, and support are beyond words. I know I'm a super difficult person to be with even without my insane ideas and projects. You have been there since the get go, supporting my weekly antics in all capacities. I've never had a more loving, loyal, supportive & amazing prop builder, practical thinker, hugger, problem solver, and all around partner, and I am so thankful & so in love with you for it. If it wasn't for you always pushing me forward just that little bit, even on the dark, uninspiring buttsy days, I wouldn't be able to accomplish all that I have right now. I love you oodles and oodles <3

And of course to anyone and everyone who has followed me through my journey, reacted to an image, commented on their favourite post, helped with a shoot, given ideas for projects to come, attended my show, purchased a book, and/or attended last night! I started out just creating for myself because I needed a creative outlet, and self portraiture just made sense. It's been many many years of trial and error, loving and hating my work, meeting and missing deadlines I set for myself, and growing as an artist. I'm so truly humbled and excited to get to share it all with you, and I'm beyond blown away with how many of you have been following the strange things I put out weekly! My beloved friends, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!

To all the amazingly talented writers who had stories and poems in the book- you're all fantastic, and I truly hope you keep it up and we can work together in the future!! To anyone who has written a story for the book and didn't get in this time, keep at it! We read through each and every entry, and there are so so many close calls! Keep doing the things, & Thank-you for trying!!

GAH this is insane!!! I need to learn new ways to say THANK YOU!! <3

-- Kit

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