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Track Shoes & Shotguns: From Downtown to the Great Outdoors, the memoir of renowned sportsman Gord Follett, hit #1 Bestseller on December 02, 2021 at 6:56 PM Newfoundland Standard Time.

It reached #1 in the categories of ‘Hunting & Fishing eBooks,' 'Fishing eBooks,' and 'Hunting eBook.' Additionally, it was listed at #19 in Hunting (all books), and #15 in all Sports & Outdoors books. It topped out at #34,984 on the overall paid Amazon ca charts.

When asked for comment, Gord said: "Okay, #4 was a very pleasant surprise earlier today, but # 1 in the country - in 3 categories no less - just blew me away. I’m floored!"

Engen Books would like to congratulate Gord Follett, who has been among our bestselling authors every month since his September debut. They would also like to take the opportunity to thank his many fans and readers.

From the back cover: Famed outdoorsman Gord Follett shares over thirty years of a life in sport and hunting in this incredible memoir, starting with his early days in track shoes speed walking, through his storied career as a Newfoundland & Labrador sportsman, and through to his passing on his love of all things sport to the next generation of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. This elegant volume featuring accompanying full-colour pictures and a foreword by Dwight Blackwood is available now.

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