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Found a magical staff in my travels and decided to use it, but didn’t know what I was aiming for! While digging through my wigs to figure out which one I’d use, I also decided to throw in the antlers I made for my Druid cosplay from Sci-Fi that I hadn’t properly shot yet, and thus this lil darlin’ was born!

Fun fact! My actual bangs are used for this shot! In between pink there’s generally a silver/white stage post lightening roots that looks pretty majestic, and I couldn’t resist passing up a chance to not show my forehead for a 52 🙃

Second fun fact! I sat in an ants nest minutes before these were taken, thinking a fun sitting photo would work-… It did not, and I was coated in ants ; ; Anyone who knows me will find out pretty quick that ants are the number 1 bug/creature/thing that I cannot handle! Shoutout to Drew for lying to me when I asked how many were on my body when I discovered 2 and -freaked- out ❤

LAST (commonly known) FACT! I cannot keep my face straight for a long period of time, and precious moments like these are born!

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