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After much deliberation, Engen Books is proud to announce the winner of the January 2020 Kit Sora Flash Fiction Photography Contest: Teigen Bond with the story, A Berry for a Soul!

Teigen Bond is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and has been writing for years. She has multiple short stories and poems published by Polar Expressions Publishing, and was selected to present her manuscript at Halifax's Word On The Street's Pitch The Publisher 2019. Teigen lives on a small farm in Nova Scotia with a plethora of pets.

We had three judges for this contest:

Matthew LeDrew has written twenty novels for Engen Books, Black Womb, Transformations in Pain, Smoke and Mirrors, Roulette, Ghosts of the Past, Ignorance is Bliss, Becoming, Inner Child, Gang War, Chains, The Long Road, Cinders, Sinister Intent, Faith, Family Values, Touch Your Nose, Jacobi Street, Infinity, The Tourniquet Reprisal and Exodus of Angels.

Born in Newfoundland, Canada and raised in France, JRH Lawless came into his own as an author while living near a twelfth century abbey in rural England. Lawless is an attorney by day and a speculative fiction author by night. He draws on his education and professional experience, including at Sciences Po Paris and the French National Assembly, to craft worlds that look ahead to the political, social, and economic challenges that face us all. He draws on his love of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams to ensure his works are full of tongue-in-cheek humor and never take themselves too seriously, even when tackling subjects that could not be more serious. Now living in Atlantic Canada with his beautiful family, Lawless looks forward to sharing his worlds with as many people as possible.

Kit Sora Photography. Kit Sora is an artist and photographer from St. Johns, Newfoundland. Her photography draws inspiration from fantasy, dystopia, and thrillers to create evocative imagrey that startles, inspires, and excites.Kit signed with Engen Books in 2018 as head photographer, producing the thrilling image for Chillers from the Rock and re-imagining the covers to the entire Black Womb series into the Coral Beach Casefiles series. Drew Power is a currently seated member of the Sci-Fi on the Rock committee. He was recently featured as the model on the cover of the bestselling collection Chillers from the Rock.

Runners up include Spirit of the Woods by Lynne Lumsden Green, Spirit of Spring by Melissa Wong and Tavaril by David Lynch.

The Flash Fiction Photography Contest is sponsored in part by FictionFirst Used Books, which specializes in previously enjoyed Sci-fi & Fantasy Novels, Roleplaying Manuals and Graphic Novels. It is run out of the Annapolis Valley and open by appointment only. Their inventory is currently over 5000 titled strong and they ship within Canada, USA and Europe. You can find them on Facebook, here.

The winning entry will be featured on this website as well as on the Fantasy Files newsletter (click to join!). Both runner-up entries will also be featured.

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