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Announcing: The Fairies of Foggy Island

Engen Books is proud an honoured to reveal our newest project, The Fairies of Foggy Island, an imaginative look into a world just outside our notice: the world of fairies and folklore.

The Fairies of Foggy Island is a collection of photographs, sketches and stories surrounding the research of Professor Eleanor Russ and Dr. Simon Burridge, as they attempt to find the origins of fairy folklore. Their journey takes them to Foggy Island, a land shrouded in both mist and secrecy. Gaining a grant to study the Island’s link to fairy folklore, the two researchers spend a year exploring the uncharted terrain, searching for forgotten relics to illuminate the origins of fairy belief. What they discover is much more magical. Fairies exist on Foggy Island.

Explore this "found" style book with notes from researchers, photographs, prose, and sketches. Make the world of fairies come alive.

About the Author

Melissa Bishop is an author from St. John’s Newfoundland with a great love of writing, a fascination with nature and all things magical. An English educator by trade, Melissa has spent years honing her skills as both a teacher and a writer. She was the winner of the Kit Sora’s Flash Fiction Contest in July 2019 for her work “Cycles”, in September 2019 for “Huntress of the Woods” and in May 2020, for “Brightest and Best”. Her story, “The Photograph” was also featured in the Engen Books’ anthology Pulp Sci-Fi from the Rock in April 2020. Her most recent work, entitled “Polaris” and “The River that Runs”, can be found in Engen Books’ 2021 anthology, Mythology from the Rock.

About the Artist

Nicole Russell is a local artist originating from Blaketown, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Having unlimited access to the outdoors and living in such close proximity to the sea affected her life tremendously and as a result, her artwork reflects nature's enchanting and surreal qualities. Her work includes a variety of mediums; sculpture, textile, and drawing. Nicole completed her B.F.A at Sir Wilfred Grenfell and her B.E.D and M.E.D at Memorial University. She was the winner of The Art and Letters Senior Division Visual Art (2008), and her work has been featured in many publications including The Newfoundland Quarterly 2018, Art Doll Quarterly (2013) and Creating Vintage Charm magazine (2012). Her work has been showcased in a number of group and solo exhibitions and has also been purchased for private collections as well as The Newfoundland and Labrador Art Bank. Check out more of her work on Instagram; @s_n_russell

About the Photographer

Kyle Callahan is a local artist who currently resides in Mount Pearl. He graduated in 2011 from CNA with a diploma in Graphic Design. It was during this time he discovered his love for photography. Besides from shooting weddings, families, and pets he enjoys mixing pop culture icons with the local scenery. Check out more of his work on Instagram; @kylecallahanphotography.

Combining the work of prose, photography, sculpture, and mixed media art, The Fairies of Foggy Island will be an unbeatable cultural artifact for decades to come.

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