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Cover reveal: 'THE DEVIL TO PAY' by Kit Berlin!

Engen Books reveals the cover -- and details -- of its newest police thriller The Devil to Pay by Kit Berlin!

A Mystical Relic. A disgraced Investigator. A grisly murder.

Being an Investigator for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has taken its toll on Vivian Ellis’ life, both personal and professional. Her career and marriage both falling apart, she’s ready to call it quits.

But when Louisiana oil tycoon Gustav Polk shows up dead and she’s the only officer qualified to work the case, she’s thrust back into the limelight of a media whirlwind – charges against the church, mysterious religious relics, and a grisly homicide.

Under the stress of a job she doesn’t want to do anymore, and balancing her boss, her ex, and the intriguing detective from New Orleans PD, can she solve the mystery and uncover a secret hundreds of years old?

Kit Berlin is an international author who divides the year between the west coast of Newfoundland and the Cévennes region of France. The Devil to Pay is their most recent novel.

The novel is already attracting rave reviews from the local author community! "Berlin cleverly mingles Newfoundland history and mythology into a fast paced, modern day crime novel. Fans of mystery thrillers like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code won’t be disappointed." -- Andrew Peacock, author of Viral.

The Devil to Pay is a fast paced, compelling book that will draw you in and keep you reading until you run out of pages to turn. A well-crafted mystery that spans the shores of Newfoundland and the old money politics of New Orleans, Berlin manages to keep the reader captivated and on the edge of their seat." Jon Dobbin, author of The Starving.

Look for The Devil to Pay this April!

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